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Violinist, he was born in Edmonton Alberta and a Vancouver resident since 1983. He received his Bachelor of Music at the University of British Columbia studying with John Loban in 1988. He is currently a member of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and local piano trio Joe Trio which has performed throughout Canada and the United States and has been heard on several CBC radio shows and NPR public radio in the U.S. They have recorded one CD A Cup of Joe (1997) and will be recording their 2nd in 2001. Cam is also a freelance composer and arranger. He has arranged for the CBC the Discdrive Theme, music for the radio drama Gail Force, and most recently, theme music for In Performance and music for the feature film Singing the Bones and tonight’s master piece “Rain”.

Cameron was a featured artist on CBC’s West Coast Performance. His compositions have been performed by the Victoria, Vancouver and Charlotte Symphonies, as well as by many other ensembles and soloists across Canada and the United States. He has appeared on the recordings of Mad Pudding, Charlotte Diamond, Spirit of the West, Raffi and was featured on the Lonesome Dove TV series. He most recently collaborated with CBC author and storyteller Stuart Mclean and the CBC Radio Orchestra on the “History of Canada” a sendup of our nation’s history. Mariachi del Sol Member since 1992.

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Cameron Wilson

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